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Why do I need a formula consultation?

Babies and toddlers need breast milk or formula in order to be able to develop  physically and mentally (this includes motor, emotional and cognitive development).

Breastfeeding is undoubtedly the most appropriate nutrition for a baby, but sometimes it is not the best option for the family. Some moms can't breastfeed and some moms don't want to breastfeed either. Some family constellations imply that there are only dads.

That's perfectly fine and doesn't change a parents competence. Every parent has the same wish, which is for their baby to grow up healthy and happy!

If you feed exclusively or partially (the so-called Zwiemilch) with the bottle and have questions about formula, then you have come to the right place. 

I advise you:

  • independently and ad-free

  • value free

  • individually

  • attachment oriented

I can support you with the following questions:

  • Which formula is suitable for my baby?

  • My baby does not tolerate the selected formula - what can I change?

  • At what point do you have to change the formula from Pre to 1er milk or is this even necessary?

  • How can I implement a "Zwiemilch" diet? So combine breastfeeding and bottles?

  • My baby isn't drinking as much as the packet says - is that okay?

  • and much more

You can find an overview of the costs of a formula consultation here.

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