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Baby in Decke gewickelt

What can I imagine as a commitment-oriented sleep consultation?

Sleep development is complete at around 3-4 years of age. Around 62% of children show, at least temporarily, sleep behavior in the first few years of life that can be distressing for the parents. From an adult perspective, it often looks as if the baby or toddler is suffering from a sleep disorder.

In a commitment-oriented sleep consultation, I look at myselftogether with you your sleep situation, analyze it and find a solution together that includes your needs and the needs of your child. It is possible to change the sleeping situation without a child being deprived of closeness in a controlled manner (as is often recommended in sleep training).

One thing is clear - rested parents can be more relaxed and can cope with their everyday life more easily.

So please don't hesitate to get my support if you find your sleeping situation stressful or if you're wondering whether your child's sleeping behavior is "still normal".

I can support you with the following topics:

- long sleep times

- nocturnal waking

- nocturnal wakefulness

- nocturnal breastfeeding

- Change sleeping environment

- why can't my baby be put down

- and much more

Important: I give you no promise of success and do not offer any sleep training (not even gentle).

The sleep consultations are individual. I am happy to visit you on site in Munich (Au-Haidhausen, Schwabing and all other Munich urban areas) or throughout Germany and in South Tyrol online or by telephone.

I offer various consulting options, please click here for my current onesPrices and Packages:

What characterizes my consultations?

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