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Hi! Welcome to my website! I'm Ruth, mother of two kids (2019 & 2021) and originally from South Tyrol (living in Munich since 11 years). I studied Public Health and worked in HR before I became a self-employed. I am also trained as a Personal & Business Coach.

Before the birth of my first child, I hardly dealt with the subject of breastfeeding at all. I thought it would work by itself - but it didn't. An undetected short tongue tie, made it very difficult for us to start breastfeeding.

The next topic was baby sleep. "Sleep like a baby" - I couldn't understand the statement either - my first child hardly slept at all. A good preparation and a lot of knowledge about breastfeeding and the sleep of babies and toddlers would have saved me a lot of uncertainty. So I had to find and acquire the knowledge myself in painstaking detail work.

These are the reasons why I did the training in the areas of breastfeeding, sleeping and complementary food at the BFB Institute in 2022. Why exactly the training at the BFB Institute? To date, it is the only training that covers all three areas. It is important for me to be a competent contact person for all three topics, as these are often closely linked. It is also very important to me to give you fact-based advice. I keep myself up to date regularly to be able to inform you about the current state of science.


Are you looking for personal and individual breastfeeding advice, sleep advice or baby food advice in the Munich area? Then you are exactly right with me!

I offer home visits (Munich Au-Haidhausen, Neuhausen, and all other Munich urban areas), telephone and online consultations.

Why the name Ratasilie? My daughter once came into contact with parsley as part of solids. Parsley became ratasilie, I think it's mega and that's why I gave it my name.

I am constantly expanding my repertoire through new training courses and seminars.

If you have general questions about me or my offer, please contact me via email or the contact form. I look forward to getting to know you!


81667 Haidhausen, Munich, Germany

Thanks for sending!

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